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As some are reassured by a 3rd party orginization being involved in any financial procedure we are now on Patreon as another option to facilitate Fionn's creative process

here is a url to patreon.com/fionn

Become part of a fountation that facilitates an autonomous journey of music and experiential transmission...

In today's modern world of music, artists are nurtured by community, as much as industry, in some cases more so...many artists now use established platforms, such as Kickstarter or Pledge Music to facilitate recordings, tour support and promotional materials...these notions are proving successful and are revolutionizing how music is recorded, and released; allowing artists a sense of autonomy within any given creative process...giving the participators and contributors, a sense of involvement, as well as perks, special gifts, access to shows, invites to aftershow parties and such...

Fionn O Lochlainn's support structure also gives those benefits and perks, as well as giving contributors membership to a community message board, where members get access to an ever growing archive of unreleased materials, such as songs, videos, paintings, perceptions, discussions, and are invited to contribute constructive ideas regarding Fionn's music, respond to materials that are exclusive to members, Also becoming a part of, or hosting conversations with members on any subject matter

In general our purpose is to maintain a private cyber area, for the exchange and cultivation of ideas, intellectual resources... bringing those that value the arts, consciousness, and authentic human interaction closer...members having access to a round table cyber social scene, regarding and supporting Fionn's music, that also expands into areas such as world perception, personal experience and community creative pursiuts... Administrated by three selected members one of which is Fionn O Lochlainn–it's a great way of showing support, that funds Fionn's recordings, and facilitates touring, contributing to all expenses encured, from studio costs, to guitar strings, to gas to get to a show...

Inside, there are various areas:

Fionn O Lochlainn Music - All subject matters relating to Fionn O Lochlainn music

There is already an album's worth of unreleased songs, from Spawn of the Beast recording sessions (many streaming at cd quality) and is in a constant state of accumilation...

Usually every session yields recordings that are worthy of release, but may not get on to an album for some reason or another, those takes are gonna get posted there, it's a way of releasing recordings to those that would care about the creative process and deserve exclusive access to them in reciprocation to their patronage


Fionn O Lochlainn Performance - All subject matters relating to Fionn O Lochlainn live performance

Conversations, set lists, personal disclosure, interaction relating to shows as well as video footage from professional concert footage to rough video sketches of songs in various locations, on the tour bus or back stage, members give perception as to certain performances/songs being worth releasing or remaining exclusive etc.


Perceptions - All subject matters

Conversations, statements, sharing of ideas or materials that inspire and stimulate


Experiences - All subject matters relating to personal or social experience

Conversations of a more personal or introspective nature


Members Art and Creative Realm - All subject matters relating to members creative pursuits and accomplishments

So many great creative minds in our world, an area for members to share their work and passion


Those that have an inclination to donate or support essentially join our message board, or 'inner circle area' as we say, as a way of doing so...All contributions facilitate the functionality of Fionn O Lochlainn's music and artistic pursuits, as well as the administration of all areas within our message board...A secondary reason for membership fees is also knowing, for the most part, that all members value the area, and would not join for superficial amusement.

Donations facilitate and assist Fionn in actualizing his recordings...however, If you are a student or in impecunious circustances, with a genuine inclination to become a member, please contact management@olochlainn.com regarding a student membership subcription...as we do not intend to exclude, just want to be sure that members value our attention, energy and a growing body of work that is now accumulating at our message board...thanks regarding your consideration and support...

Membership fees are $13 monthly and $73 annually

Registration is within Inner Circle Area, once membership payment is received, members get access


Philanthropists that are able and have the inclination to facilitate Fionn O Lochlainn's music in a substantial way shall be adorned with maximum kudos and gratitude as greatly valued members

Many perks and benefits, such as access to shows, after show invitations, album credtits, merchandise, and special gifts from Fionn O Lochlainn are granted to Patron of the Arts members - First Patron of the Arts Member to contribute $7'000 or a greater value, also gets Fionn O Lochlainn's Custom Shop Masterbuilt '59 Reissue Telecaster (with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard) as seen in Overcast (Helicopter) video and used on many recordings





Questions: contact management@olochlainn.com thanks


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